Care Homes

Care staff typically journey between rooms and patients, sometimes administering personal care, so the potential for spreading germs is very high. Residents may also be particularly susceptible due to less effective immune systems, meaning that effective infection control procedures are crucial, in order to minimise the risk to residents, their visitors and their carers.

It is important that your premises is being compliant to the regulations set out within the Health and Social Care Act which is assessed by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). If the CQC are not satisfied that these regulations are being complied with then they can immediately close the premises damaging the reputation of the premises and causing a loss of any earnings.

Let us help you in ensuring that you are creating an environment which is safe and actively working towards reducing the risks of HAI’s and other bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Healthcare acquired infections (HAI’s)

• MRSA • ESBL • VRE • Klebsiella pneumonia • Salmonella • E.coli • Candid albicans

• Communal Areas • Residents Rooms • Staff Stations • Equipment • Office Areas